Located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
The Yellowknife Shooting Sports Club is dedicated to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in the use of firearms.

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Outdoor Range Improvements

Members probably noticed all the earthwork and improvements done at the outdoor range.  These were done to bring the range up to modern safety standards, and to make the range better and more usable for members.  In total, there was over $15,000 of earthwork, as well as new signage, a flag system, and other improvements.  Next time you are at the outdoor range, be sure to check it out - also check out the newly redrafted Range Rules and permitted uses, posted on each range.  The improvements allowed us to pass our five year range inspection with flying colors, and thus ensures the long term use of the range.

Too chilly to shoot at the outdoor range?  Not with the enclosed area with woodstove on the 300m line.  Pack some firewood along with your range bag - get a fire going when you arrive, and it will have started warming up by the time you are back from setting targets. 
Remember to leave the outdoor range in good shape when finished - pick up your spent brass and debris and dispose of it!  Reloadable brass can be left in the white plywood "reloading exchange," non-reloadable brass (rimfire, steel- cased milsurp, or bertram primed cases ) can be thrown in the garbage cans with shot targets, coffee mugs, and other refuse.

Thank You True Value Hardware!

The club would like to remind members of the help provided to the club by True Value Hardware.  True Hardware has been accepting club membership applications on our behalf for several years now, without this it would be much more awkward to get your key and membership card each year.  Please take the time to thank them when picking up your memberships!