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Duty Statements for NWTFSS Executive Members



Shall be the Chief Executive Officer, shall provide leadership, policy guidance and direction to the Society and its members, shall perform all duties usually incident to the office. S/He shall be the primary spokesperson for the Society, and is responsible for liaison with other interest groups, media and the public. Shall attend all Sport North Meetings (President’s Council, AGM etc.) or name a delegate(s) on his/her behalf during the President’s absence.



Shall understudy the President and act on his/her behalf during the President’s absence.



1. Shall prepare agendas for all meetings of the members and the Executive.

2. Shall keep and maintain a permanent record of the minutes and motions of  the meetings.

3. Shall file Notice of Directors and all financial records with Registrar of Societies, GNWT within 14 days after the AGM.

4. Shall ensure that notice of any meetings of the members. Executive members and AGM are given in accordance with the provisions of our By-Laws. Shall book meeting rooms and advertise meetings according to our By-Laws.

5. Shall conduct correspondence of the Society with its members and affiliated clubs and others, and maintain records of such correspondence.

6. Shall ensure that a register of the addresses, telephone and fax numbers of each member and contact persons of affiliated clubs and regions is maintained on a current basis.


Shall be responsible for the books of account of the Society, be responsible for revenue and expenditure control, be responsible for revenues generated and expenses incurred in the course of funding and revenue producing events, and be responsible for the timely production of audit and financial statements.

Committee Directors (Rifle, Shotgun & Handgun)

1. Shall act as liaison and maintain a timely line of communication with all members and affiliated clubs active in the Director’s disciplines.

2. Shall represent all participants in his/her particular discipline fairly and equitably.

3. Shall oversee and submit to the Society all applications for funding on be half of the Director’s disciplines and ensure that all individual members and affiliated clubs are aware of funding and programs available via the Society.

4. Shall convene, not less than three times in each fiscal year, a meeting of his/ her Committee at which one representative of each discipline within the scope of the Committee shall be permitted to be present and to vote on all matters brought before the Committee.

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