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NWTFSS Air Rifle and Air Pistol Postal Match Rules:  

  1. The NWTFSS Air Postal Matches are open to all members of the NWTFSS or NWTFSS Member Organizations. See www.nwtfss.ca for a listing of Member Organizations and information on becoming a member.
  1. Male and Female Shooters compete equally in age categories of; Junior (18 yrs of age and younger on the date of the match) or Adult (19 yrs of age and older).
  1. Any .177 or .22 cal air rifle or air pistol may be used. Wad cutter pellets are recommended as they make a much cleaner hole and are easier to score.
  1. Any sights may be used. (including scopes)
  1. All shooting will be from the standing position, free of all furniture and with no additional support. (slings are not permitted). Pistols will be fired with one hand only.
  1. All targets will be shot at a measured distance of 10 metres (plus or minus 1 metre)
  1. Rifle Targets will be NWTFSS 10m rifle.pdf. Pistol targets will be the NWTFSS 10m pistol.pdf. Targets are available on the NWTFSS website www.nwtfss.ca. or master copies for photocopying can be distributed by mail on request. SFC Official 10m rifle and pistol targets may be substituted.
  1. Each match will consist of an unlimited number of sighter shots and 30 shots for record, all fired within a period of 60 minutes. No sighter shots will be fired after the shooter begins firing for record.
  1. Shooters will determine for themselves how many shots can be fired on each target and accurately scored. Some shooters may find that groupings of multiple shots are too small to accurately score each individual shot and may need to shoot only one shot at each target. It is recommended that not more than 3 shots be fired on rifle targets and not more than 5 shots be fired on the pistol targets
  1. Shooters will score their own targets. You are on you honour – If the circumference of the bullet hole strikes or touches the line of a target ring, score the higher ring.
  1. Fill out the “Official Entry Form” including your age and the name and phone number of a Witness (Range Official preferred) and email or mail your entry to the NWTFSS Postal Match Director. Initial, date and KEEP YOUR TARGETS with the original signed copy of your entry form for minimum 6 months. Winner’s targets will be randomly audited – you may be requested to mail them in for verification. If you can not deliver the targets when requested, your entry will be cancelled.
  1. Shooters may enter as often and as many times as they wish. We want you to shoot as much as you can and enter as many times as possible.
  1. The high scores of the top 3 shooters received before the last day of each month for Jr. Rifle, Jr. Pistol, Adult Rifle and Adult Pistol will be listed on the NWTFSS Web Page. Grand Winners for the year will be announced at the NWTFSS Annual General Meeting. All entries will be entered into a draw to be made at the AGM for a “yet to be announced” prize.


For more information or to request targets or to submit entries contact:

Brent Rausch
NWTFSS Postal Match Director
868 Lanky Court Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2G4


867 920-2612

NWTFSS Postal Match Rules & Enter & Tarets.pdf

NWTFSS Postal Match Rules & Enter.pdf

Printing and copying NWTFSS targets.pdf

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