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Rifle Shooting Discipline: 

Rifle events are held on shooting ranges where competitors shoot at targets at distances of 10 and 50metres.

Air rifle competitions are shot mainly at 10 meters, indoors. The air rifle is a good training tool for introducingbeginner shooters to the safe use of firearms, but can also be used in serious competitions right up to the Olympiclevel.

 Sporting Rifle shooters use ordinary .22 calibre rifles, with little additional equipment. Most North American makes easily qualify, as do several European ones. Bulls-eye targets are shot at 20 yards indoors and 50 metres outdoors. There are prone (lying down) and 3-position (prone, standing, kneeling) matches. 

Silhouette Shooting 

The term Metallic Silhouette is used in a generic sense to describe all shooting using targets of metal shaped-like game animals. This shooting sport has evolved to encompass matches which use pistols, air guns smallbore, high power and black powder (cartridge only) rifles.

 The use of smallbore (.22RF) rifles in silhouette shooting is achieved by using a scaled down version of the High Power Rifle Silhouette match. It is fired at one-fifth scale targets at one-fifth scale distances of those used in High Power Rifle Silhouette. In the smallbore version, the reduced size chickens are placed at 40 meters, pigs at 60 meters, turkeys at 77 meters, and sheep at 100 meters.

 All shooting is done offhand without slings or shooting jackets. Usually the shooter has a spotter to advise on where the shot hit. The shooter is given 2-1/2 minutes to engage a bank of five silhouettes (five chickens, pigs, turkeys, or sheep, one shot each, left to right). Scoring is equally simple; if your shot knocks the target off it's stand, it's a hit. Anything else is a miss. Move on to the next silhouette in the bank.

Shooters may compete in either (or both) of two rifle classes: Standard Class or Hunter Class. A Standard Class rifle must weigh 10 lbs. 2 oz. or less, and can be a custom rifle. A Hunter Class rifle must weigh 8.5 lbs. or less and must be an off-the-rack rifle or near to one (e.g., original stock, or a very close reproduction thereof, and the original trigger--set at a minimum of 2 lbs). Most shooters use a scope.

 A classification system exists so shooters compete against shooters of the same ability. Beginning shooters need not shoot against master class shooters. Everyone has a chance to win his or her class. Classes are Master, AAA, AA, A, and B.

• Smallbore is using .22 LR cal. rimfire rifles

• High Power is using centre fire rifles

• Black Powder Cartridge Rifles are period correctcentre fire rifles, using black powder only.

 Shotgun Shooting Discipline:

Trap Shooting

There are usually three events; singles, handicap and doubles. Singles event shoots 100 targets, handicap shoots 100 targets and double-trap shoot 50 targets.

Shooting utilises one automatic trap concealed in a ‘bunker’. The trap machine is capable of operating at various angles and can throw targets in a 90 degree arc.

The competitors stand in shooting stations firing at clay targets which are released upon the call of the shooter.

The person who hits the most targets wins.

A sport where the entire family shoots together and in tournaments to compete against each other and self.

 Handgun Shooting Discipline:

Standard Pistol

Centre Fire Pistol

Sport Pistol

Rapid Fire Pistol

Air Pistol

Action Pistol

Single Action Shooting (Western)

 Most competitions are fired at bulls eye targets set at various ranges. Handgun Metallic Silhouette competition offers a wide range of categories and skill levels to cater to any interested shooter. The shooting of a handgun over long distances with immediate visual results makes this sport both interesting and challenging.

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